Sit and Go Strategy Guide

Online poker has brought about a major resurgence for sit and go tournaments. Since an online poker site doesn't have to pay dealers, it is profitable for them to run non stop sit and go's, and thousands of players join these single table tournaments every day. If you learn the correct sit and go strategy you can really make a killing, because all you have to do is play as many sit and go's as possible. If you can multi table sit and go's with the right strategy, your ROI will go through the roof. The below sit and go (SNG) articles will help you do just that:

General Sit and Go Articles:

Here are all of our basic sit and go strategy articles:

Specific Sit and Go Tutorials:

Read these articles to learn how to play in specific sit and go situations:

Biggest Sit and Go Mistake

One big mistake sit and go players make is trying to protect their stack and sneak their way into the money. This is incorrect for a variety of reasons. First of all, a lot of the time when you are protecting your stack you will end up dwindling away, and bubble the sit and go because you have so few chips. Also, when you do fold your way into the money, you will be crippled and almost always get third. And finally, since first pays so much more than second or third, you should always be playing for the win.

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