Sit and Go Bankroll Management

If you are a serious sit and go player, one skill you may be overlooking is bankroll management. Although bankroll management is not the most glorious aspect of the game, successful players all know that maintaining a proper bankroll is the key to avoid going broke. This article will teach you how to properly manage a sit and go bankroll:

Bankroll Chart for SNGs

Here is a chart showing how many buy-ins you should have for sit and go's, depending on the level you are playing. If you're playing lower buy-in sit and go's you'll need less buy-ins than if you're playing high stakes sit and go's. We'll discuss that more later.

SNG Level Buy-Ins Required Total Bankroll Required
$5 SNGs 20 $100
$10 SNGs 25 $250
$20 SNGs 25 $500
$30 SNGs 30 $900
$50 SNGs 50 $2,500
$100 SNGs 75 $7,500
$200 SNGs 100 $20,000

As you can see, you'll need less total buy-ins at the lower limits, and more total buy-ins at the higher limits. The reason for this is that the lower games are much easier to beat, so you don't have to worry as much about variance, down swings, and bad beats. Even if you have a few bad sit and go's you're much more likely to quickly recover at the $5 level than at the $200 level.


If you're a solid sit and go player you should be thinking about your profitability at your respective level. Sometimes players find that even though they're profitable at the $100 level, they might be even more profitable at the $50 level because of the easier competition. Here are some numbers to consider about your ROI at different levels:

A solid player should be able to post the following ROI numbers at each level. If you determine you're winning significantly less than the amount posted, you might want to think about moving down in limits.

$5 SNGs 35%
$10 SNGs 35%
$20 SNGs 30%
$30 SNGs 30%
$50 SNGs 25%
$100 SNGs 20%
$200 SNGs 16%

If you find yourself above those percentages, you might want to think about moving up in limits because you can probably make more money at a higher stakes game. However, if you find yourself significantly below those percentages you should play a few games at the lower buy-in level to see if you increase your profit.

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