Online Poker Training Sites

Since the explosion of online poker in early 2003, almost every poker player has attempted to improve their game in one way or another to make more money at the online poker tables. Many players flock to sites like to receive free poker strategy and watch free poker videos. However, some sites, like the ones listed on this page, have taken it to the next level, and provide ultra top-notch poker strategy tips and advice.

These poker training sites actually hire poker professionals to make training videos and guides, which are both great learning tools. Although most of the sites below cost money, they are well worth it for an up and coming player, or even a grizzled veteran looking to tune up his/her game. Good luck!

Poker Training Site Reviews:

Each of the poker training sites that we reviewed offered similar features, including:

Video Tutorials

A main feature at any training site is the poker strategy videos. These videos typically consist of a poker pro playing a session, and providing commentary as they play. Since you can see the pro's hole cards as well as hear his/her thoughts, you can get inside the pro's head and internalize his/her strategy.

Strategy Articles

Another common offering at poker training sites is poker strategy articles. These articles are typically written by online poker professionals, and detail advanced strategy and tactics that can be used at the online poker tables. Combining related strategy videos and strategy articles can be very helpful.

Professional Player Blogs

Another feature that is offered at training sites is professional player blogs. Poker pros post exclusively on their blogs at the training site, and members get updates on the pro's results and latest thoughts. Video Tutorials

Poker Training VideosHere at we have quite a few free poker video tutorials, mainly focused on sit and go training. We don't charge anything to view our videos, so please check them out.

Then, if you still want more video training, you can easily sign up at one of the above poker training websites. Although we only have a dozen or so videos, the training sites above offer hundreds if not thousands of poker training videos.


If you have a poker strategy product or training site that you think is worthy of being listed here, please contact us with the details so we can review your product right away.