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No Limit Hold'em Strategy

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Poker Tournament Strategy

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Heads Up Poker Strategy

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Sit and Go Poker Strategy

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Omaha Poker Strategy

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Seven Card Stud Poker Strategy

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General Poker Advice

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General Poker Strategy Tips

Although there are quite a few variations of poker, the majority of poker strategy boils down to a few important points. Many amateur players think poker is mostly luck, but in the long run poker is much more about a player's skill than their luck. Short term swings are largely affected by the cards that come off the deck, but if you play with the proper poker strategy you will have a large edge in the long run.

Some of the easiest tactics for winning more money are to play with a tight-aggressive style, to avoid chasing draws, and to know when you are behind.

Tight Aggressive Style

Playing with a tight-aggressive style means that you only play solid hands, and when you do play solid hands you get as much money in the pot as possible. Players using a tight-aggressive style will only play premium hands preflop (big pairs, big suited connectors), and will make raises and re-raises to defend their hand. Read the No Limit Hold'em strategy articles above to learn more about the tight-aggressive style.

Avoid Chasing Draws

One of the biggest leaks in losing players' games is chasing draws. There is a time and place for chasing a draw, but it is only when the pot and implied odds justify it. A good example of this is if you have an open-ended straight draw on the flop, and another player goes all-in into a small pot. Although you have eight outs to make your straight, it doesn't justify putting all your chips in the middle because there isn't that much money to win.

Know When You Are Behind

New poker players often find themselves at a showdown with the second best hand. This really hurts your bankroll, and you can save a ton of money by avoiding costly river bets when you only have middle pair or top pair with a weak kicker. When you reach the river make sure to ask yourself "is there any way my opponent would bet here with a hand worse then mine?"