How to Play Online Poker on a Linux

Linux is an open source software that is an alternative to the Windows or Macintosh operating systems. Linux gives users a lot more freedom, but one drawback is that most online poker rooms do not supporting Linux. However, if you're on a Linux you can still play online poker as long as you stick to the poker sites on this page. There are a few ways to play on your Linux, and we're going to go over each method later down the page. For now though, here is our toplist of the best Linux poker sites:

The only poker site below that accepts USA players is Luvin Poker. For a list of alternative sites, please check our poker sites accepting US players.

Rank Poker Site Bonus Referral Code Learn More
1. IgnitionPoker Accepts US Players 100% up to $2000 n/a - use link Ignition Poker
2. IgnitionPoker Accepts US Players 100% up to $500 n/a - use link Bovada Poker
3. Bet Online Poker 100% to $2500 n/a - use link BetOnline Poker
4. Intertops Poker 100% up to $600 n/a - use link Intertops Poker
5. SportsBetting Poker 100% up to $2500 n/a - use link SportsBetting Poker
6. Americas Cardroom Poker 100% up to $2000 n/a - use link America's Cardroom Poker
7. Blackchip Poker 100% up to $2000 n/a - use link Blackchip Poker

Bet Online Accepts USA Players

Options for Playing Poker on a Linux

As I mentioned earlier in the article, there are basically three options for playing online poker on your Linux. The first option is to use Wine, the second is to play at a flash poker room, and the third is to install Windows onto your computer as a second operating system. We'll go over each option now.


Wine is the first option for playing poker on your Linux computer. To use Wine, follow the steps below:

Step #1 - Download Wine

To download Wine, click this link. Download the version of Wine that is appropriate for your computer.

Step #2 - Install Wine

To install Wine you'll have to go through the basic setup using WineTools. You will have to install and set up the Windows system programs as well as the TrueType core fonts. Once you finish this, Wine will launch.

Step #3 - Download the Poker Software

Choose one of the poker sites above and visit their site. Download the software by clicking "Download" on their homepage. We recommend choosing, as they run best on Linux. Once you click "Download", a box will pop up asking if you'd like to save "Titan PokerInstaller.exe" - save it to start the download.

Step #4 - Install the Software

After you've saved the file, you'll need to run the command to start the installation. The format for the command is wine /tmp/Titan PokerInstaller.exe (if you download a different poker site, change the last part as necessary). To complete the installation, just click Next until it's done. NOTE - make sure you are installing to the C:\ drive.

Step #5 - Reboot Wine

Now, just reboot Wine and you'll be good to go. To reboot you just need to use the command wineboot. You can now open up the poker software and start playing.

Flash Poker Room

The second option for playing poker on a Linux computer is to choose a poker site that offers a flash poker client. Our favorite flash poker room is To get started, head over to and choose "Try Instant Play". That will launch the flash poker client, and you can get started.

Installing Windows

The third option for playing on your Linux is to actually install Windows as a second operating system, then download the poker room to the Windows part of your hard drive. This can get a bit complicated, so we'll leave it to the experts. Click here to learn how to install Windows on a Linux computer.

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