Heads Up Poker Strategy Guide

Heads up poker is the ultimate mano y mano challenge in the poker world. Almost all heads up games occur at online poker sites, because live poker rooms have too much overhead (dealers, table space, etc) to offer heads up tables. If you wish to start playing heads up poker, make sure to read the articles below before you hit the tables. Heads up poker strategy is very different from normal poker strategy, so by reading the heads up poker articles below, you can have a big edge on your competition:

Heads Up Poker Articles:

Here are all of our strategy articles for heads up players:

Heads Up Aggressiveness

When it comes to heads up poker, aggressiveness is key. Since there are only two players in each hand, the likelihood that your opponent has anything worth betting is very low. Make a lot of bets on the flop to steal pots, and you will pad your stack. Then, when your opponent finally makes a stand, he/she will have too few chips to really put a dent in your stack. The articles above will explain how to do just that, and dominate the heads up poker tables.

Avoiding Tilt at the Heads Up Tables

Heads up poker can get a lot more personal than normal nine-handed poker, simply because you are playing against the same opponent every single hand. Some heads up players like to talk a lot of trash to get in their opponent's head, and this is a tactic that can work really well against a player who lacks self control. If you take a bad beat or two and your opponent starts talking trash, make sure to keep a level head and get him next hand.

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