How to Play the Bubble of a Sit and Go

This poker video looks at one of the toughest spots in a sit and go tournament: the bubble. This is when there are only four players left, and someone is going to go home with nothing. Only three players will make the money, and our video will guide you into the money, and hopefully into position to win.

Key Points for the SNG Bubble:

Make sure to review these key points that the video made, so you can really retain the information that was presented.

#1 - Keep Notes on your Opponents

As you can see in the video, I have taken a ton of notes on each player throughout the sit and go. This comes in handy a few times, as I have information from their previous plays to help me determine what they have. Make sure to note things like their preflop action with different hands, how they play flops when they hit, when they've made bluffs, and if they're likely to call your bluffs down.

#2 - Don't Steal Until it's Worth It

At the start of the video I stay tight when blinds are 75/150. The size of the blinds really aren't enough to effect my stack, so it's not worth stealing until they raise to 100/200. As the blinds get higher and higher, you should be making more steal attempts, but don't waste your money stealing blinds when they don't really effect your stack.

#3 - Don't Get Crazy

Some super aggressive players like to really open it up on the bubble, and although aggression is a good thing, you don't want to get too crazy. I made a lot of borderline decisions by folding hands like JQ preflop instead of raising to steal blinds, but it helped me conserve chips for when I had solid hands.

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