Hold'em Poker Tournament Strategy Guide

Poker tournaments are the new rage in online poker, and are also the focus of the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour. Every online poker site offers poker tournaments in multiple forms and fashions, but the most popular tournaments are No Limit Hold'em tournaments. In a No Limit Hold'em tournament, each player receives the same amount of chips and then plays until only one player has every single chip. To force action, the tournament raises blinds and implements antes to put pressure on every player's stack.

These poker tournament strategy articles will teach you how to beat live and online poker tournaments:

General Poker Tournament Strategy:

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Beating Specific Poker Tournaments:

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Adjust Your Game as the Tournament Progresses

One of the most important skills in a poker tournament is to be able to adjust your strategy as the tournament progresses. As you get deeper and deeper into the tournament, blinds and antes will place increased pressure on your stack, which will force you to adjust your play accordingly. This is far different from a cash table, where you can just add on more chips to your stack at any time. Once blinds reach an extremely high level, you will have to steal blinds and antes just to survive.

Account for Stack Size

One factor that many players overlook in a poker tournament is taking account of your opponents' stack sizes. As you get deep in a tournament, stack size becomes just as important as position or player skill. When stealing blinds, always target the middle stacks, because short stacks are forced to make moves, and big stacks will often play pots just to try to knock players out. Middle stacks, on the other hand, are just trying to advance in the pay brackets.

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