No Limit Hold'em Strategy Guide

No Limit Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker game in the world, and it is played in both tournament and cash game form. This page links to strategy articles for No Limit Hold'em cash game players, although many of the principles can apply to No Limit Hold'em tournament strategy as well.

In case you don't know, cash games are the opposite of tournaments: instead of playing with tournament chips, players actually buy in with cash-value chips, and can enter and exit tables whenever they like. The goal at a ring table is to win chips consistently, as opposed to the goal in a tournament where players try to accumulate every single chip. The following No Limit Hold'em strategy articles will get you on top of your game:

General No Limit Hold'em Strategy:

Here are some articles that will teach you the basics of No Limit Hold'em:

  • No Limit Hold'em Tips - Read this article to get a quick overview of our best NL Hold'em tips.
  • How to Spot Bluffs - Learn some quick tips on spotting opponents' bluffs.
  • Buy-In Strategy - Find out if you're better off short-buying or deep stacking at NL Hold'em tables.
  • Continuation Betting - The continuation bet may be the most important move in poker.
  • Value Betting - Learn all about value betting, which is a great profit move to earn extra money.
  • Double Barreling - Learn when you should double barrel on the turn, and when to give it up.

Playing Specific Hold'em Situations:

Also learn how to play specific No Limit Hold'em situations:

Playing Specific Hold'em Opponents:

Now learn how to play against specific No Limit Hold'em opponents:

No Limit Hold'em Rules

If you have never played Texas Hold'em before, make sure to read our article "The Rules of Texas Hold'em" before you dive into the strategy articles. That page will teach you how to play the game, and will help new players understand the rules and structure of Texas Hold'em. After you learn the rules, then you can read the No Limit Hold'em strategy articles above to get some great tips for winning at the tables.

Playing Tight/Aggressive

The best and quickest way to improve your No Limit Hold'em strategy is by adopting a tight and aggressive approach at the tables. What this means is that you wait for solid hands, and then play then aggressively. This allows you to win the most money, because when the money goes in you will have a solid hand, and you also won't be pushed around by other aggressive players because they will respect your aggression.

Play Within Your Limits

Another simple way to avoid going broke is to always remember your bankroll, and make sure to stay within its limits. For No Limit Hold'em ring games, you should keep at least 50 buy-ins for the stakes you play in your account at all times. If you are a $0.50/$1 player, you should have $5,000 in your account to avoid going broke. This may seem excessive for casual online players, but players serious about maintaining a bankroll follow that advice.

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