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Players who use PokerStars marketing code MIK500 receive a 100% up to $600 bonus on their first three deposits at the site. When you create your account at Poker Stars you will be asked to enter a Marketing Code. This is used to track players to the site that referred them, and also ensures that the player receives their exclusive bonus. By using PokerStars Marketing code MIK500 you are guaranteed the best possible PokerStars bonus.


PokerStars Marketing Code

More Info on the PokerStars Bonus:

After you sign up at with our marketing code and make your first deposit, your bonus money will be held in a pending bonus account. You have to clear the bonus from the pending bonus account to your cashier, and once you do that you can wager or withdraw the bonus money as you please. To clear the bonus, you have to play real money poker at and earn Frequent Player Points (FPPs).

Your rate of FPP accumulation determines the rate at which your bonus is released. Our sign up bonus at PokerStars has a 17 FPP requirement, meaning that you need to earn 17 FPPs for every dollar of bonus money. The bonus is released as a lump sum, so if you have taken full advantage of our $600 sign up bonus, you need to earn 10,200 FPPs before the money is released.

How to Earn PokerStars Frequent Player Points

There are three ways you can earn FPPs at PokerStars - by playing real money cash games, by playing real money tournaments, or by playing real money sit and go's. We will explain each method now:

» Earning FPPs in Cash Games

The first way to earn FPPs is by playing real money cash games. PokerStars has a strange system when it comes to awarding FPPs. PokerStars awards the first FPP to each player dealt into a hand when the rake reaches:

  • $0.40 for Fixed Limit poker games with stakes $1/$2 and lower
  • $0.40 for No Limit/Pot Limit poker games with blinds $1/$2 and lower
  • $0.40 for "heads-up" poker games (only applies to "1-on-1" tables, not two-handed games at normal tables)
  • $1.00 for all other games

PokerStars awards a second FPP to each player dealt into the hand when the rake reaches:

  • $2.00 for all 6-max tables (only applies to 6-max tables, not 6-handed games at 9-max tables)
  • $3.00 for all other tables

PokerStars also awards a third FPP to each player dealt into a hand that reaches $5 in rake.

Make sure to note that players don't have to see a flop - as long as they were dealt into the hand, they'll earn FPPs if the rake qualifies.

» Earning FPPs in Tournaments and Sit and Go's

Players can also earn FPPs by playing real money tournaments and sit and go's. Every time you buy into a tournament or sit and go you'll pay a "tournament fee" - this is how the poker room makes its money. For example, if you buy into a $100+$9 tournament, $100 goes into the prize pool and $9 goes to PokerStars.

PokerStars awards FPPs for how much money you pay in tournament fees. Every dollar you pay in fees is worth 5 FPPs. So, if you enter a $100+$9 tournament, you'll earn 45 FPPs. If you enter a $10+$1 tournament, you'll earn 5 FPPs. Also, in the case of fractional points, you round to the nearest point. So, if you enter a $5+$0.50 tournament, you earn 3 FPPs (round 2.5 FPPs up).

Miscellaneous Info:

Here's some more info that you should know about the PokerStars marketing code:

  • The PokerStars bonus expires after 180 days. If you haven't cleared the full bonus by then, it will expire and disappear from your account.
  • The PokerStars bonus is only good for players making their first deposit. Also, make sure to enter our Poker Stars marketing code at sign up to redeem the bonus.
  • PokerStars offers reload bonuses from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled for those.
Get the PokerStars bonus w/ marketing code MIK500

Quick Poker Stars Facts:

  • PokerStars is the largest poker room in the world, and has had over 250,000 players online at once.
  • PokerStars accepts all players including players located in the USA. They are one of the best USA poker sites.
  • PokerStars hosts the World Championship of Online Poker every year. This is the biggest online poker tournament series in the world.

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