Poker Sites Accepting eWalletXpress

Ever since NETeller left the USA market, a few sites have stepped in to provide eWallet services, including Click2Pay, ePassporte, Moneybookers, and eWalletXpress. However, eWalletXpress is the only eWallet that still caters to USA players. Their service is set up exactly like NETeller's was - you link your eWalletXpress account to your checking account, and transfer money from your bank account to poker sites instantly. The poker site covers all the fees, and when you're done playing you can withdraw money from your poker account to your eWalletXpress account, then move it right back to your checking account. Here are the poker sites that accept

Please Note - eWalletXpress is no longer available for poker deposits. You can still play at Bodog Poker using your Visa, Mastercard or one of the other payment methods. Or you can have a look at our deposit page for more information on which payment methods

What is eWalletXpress?

eWalletXpress is an "eWallet", which is an online account that holds your money and lets you transfer it seamlessly about the Internet. eWalletXpress is the only eWallet which allows American players to make online poker deposits and withdrawals. Unfortunately, the eWalletXpress fees are slightly higher than other eWallets.

How Does eWalletXpress Work?

eWalletXpress allows you to move money onto and off of poker sites. To initially load your account, you can use an eCheck transfer, money order, bank wire transfer, or 900Pay transfer. If you use the XpressFunds eCheck transfer, you will be able to instantly move money from your checking account to an online poker site. This method is extremely convenient, but it carries an 8.8% fee which is pretty stiff for poker eWallets.

Other deposit methods carry lesser fees, but take slightly longer to go through. Now we will list all of the deposit and withdrawal methods that eWalletXpress offers:

Deposit Methods and Fees

Here are the eWalletXpress deposit methods and fees for each method:

Deposit Method Fee Transfer Time
Basic eCheck $10 2-3 Business Days
Xpress Funds eCheck 8.8% Instant
Money Order Free One Week +
Bank Wire $15 2-3 Business Days
900Pay 15% 2-3 Business Days

Withdrawal Methods and Fees

Here are the eWalletXpress withdrawal methods and fees for each method:

Withdrawal Method Fee Transfer Time
eCheck $10 7-10 Business Days

More Poker Deposit Methods: