Online 3D Poker Sites

3D poker sites are a rising trend in the online poker world, and are quickly gaining a market share and making their presence known to the traditional 2D poker sites. At the moment there are only a few 3D poker rooms, but the top one,, is miles ahead of the rest, and blows away all of the 2D poker rooms when it comes to graphics, game play, and user interactivity. We highly suggest PKR if you are looking for a three-dimensional poker room:

Rank Poker Site Bonus Referral Code Learn More
1. PKR Poker 100% up to $800 PK800

Unfortunately, none of the 3D poker sites accept USA players for real money play. If you are an American you can still sign up and play for play money, but you won't be able to deposit or participate in freerolls. If you would like to play for real money, check out this list of American poker sites.

More Information on the 3D Poker Rooms

If you would like to learn more about the 3D poker sites, read the summaries below:

#1 3D Poker Site - Poker Room

888 Poker is ranked as the best 3D poker room because of their unique and customized software, along with the seamlessly integrated tools and multi-table features. The poker room offers the standard game selection in addition to a wide variety of online tournaments with massive guarantees. Additionally, 888 Poker is a great option for Mac or Linux players that want to play at a 3D poker room without being forced to use the Windows version.

All new players qualify for our exclusive $600 first deposit bonus. The bonus gives you cash upfront, in addition to a match offer. This allows you to immediately boost your bankroll on your first deposit and a bit more leeway when hitting the tables. You don't need a bonus code. Simply join 888 Poker's 3D poker room using the links on this page.

$600/€400/£400 Bonus at 888 Poker

#1 3D Poker Site - Poker Room

PKR is our favorite online 3D poker site because of their smooth game play, video game-like graphics, and extensive player customization options. Players can choose from over a dozen different view points at the table, including a camera option which follows the action from player to player, just like you would see on a poker TV show. Also, each player can customize their character with new clothes, accessories, expressions, and more. One of my favorite tournaments at PKR is their PKR yearly championship. The winner gets a huge payday, as well as a golden bracelet that they can sport at the virtual tables.

The only drawback with PKR is the fact that the software is resource intensive, so you'll need a computer that is relatively new. As long as your computer was made within the last five years, it should be able to handle the PKR software. Learn more at our Review.

$800 Bonus at PKR Poker with Bonus Code: PK800

Other 3D Poker Sites

Besides PKR, there are a few other 3D sites including and World3DPoker among others. However, any 3D poker sites that aren't listed on this page can't compete with PKR, and you can be sure we've reviewed them and deemed them to be sub-par. If you try out any of the other rooms you are certain to find horrible software and scarce player traffic, so we really suggest you try out PKR.

What Does 3D Poker Look Like?

If you have only played at traditional 2D poker rooms, you have probably gotten used to the overhead table view with small icons to indicate each player at the table. Now that you are considering 3D poker though, it is time to throw that idea out the window. 3D poker sites give you a truly three dimensional view of the table, and you can move the camera around to find the best angle for you. It is hard to explain - check out this video for a first hand experience:

Now you can see how truly amazing the PKR software is, and why it is a ton of fun to play at

Will 3D Poker Work on My Computer?

One issue that 3D poker has had throughout its rise is the fact that the software is a lot more resource intensive than a normal 2D poker room like PokerStars. If you have an older computer, you might have an issue with running the 3D software. Luckily, PKR has developed a "low-spec" version of their software that is much less resource intensive, but even that might stress a really old computer. Here are some specs provided by - if your computer meets these requirements you'll have no problems running the software.

  • 1 GHz Pentium Processor or better
  • 512 MB of Ram or greater
  • 850 MB of hard drive space
  • Graphics card with 32 MB of Ram and DirectX 9.0c Compatibility
  • Any sound card
  • Windows 2000 SP3 or better, Windows XP SP1 or better, or Windows Vista
  • Broadband Internet Connection

If you aren't good with technical stuff, basically we can sum it up like this: if your computer was made in the last five years it will have no problem running PKR, especially on the low spec version. If the computer is older than that, you can try it out but we can't guarantee it will work.