SitNGo Wizard Review

SitNGo WizardSitNGo Wizard is a poker training program that is designed to help you perfect your late game sit-n-go tournament strategy. If you’ve read any poker strategy in the past, you have already heard that in SNGs, you need to be tight in the early stages and aggressive in the late stages. As the blinds rise, you need to make moves to stay afloat.

Many factors go into determining the correct play for each hand in the late stages. Stack sizes, opponent hand ranges, your hand strength, and the payout structure must all be considered before making a big call or push. In the late stages of an SNG, you have to make many of these decisions back-to-back. New SNG players are often surprised by the mathematically correct play in many push/fold situations.

And that is where SitNGo Wizard (also known as SNG Wiz) comes into play. The program imports the hand histories of every tournament you play and analyzes each play you make. SNG Wiz calculates the stack sizes, hand raises, prize structure and winning probabilities to tell you what the best play is in each situation.

How SitNGo Wizard Works

After you import a tournament history, SNG Wiz will run those calculations and then return a report on your play. The program will tell you which hands you played perfectly and in which hands you made mathematically incorrect decisions. At the same time, SNG Wiz will offer suggestions for what you should have done instead.

You can also view your hands in a built-in hand replayer for a more detailed analysis. The hand replayer can show you what you should have done and it will explain your odds and equity at every stage of the hand.

The use of SNG Wiz is a great way to sharpen your SNG end-game strategy. As you probably already know, the end stages of SNGs are where all the money is made. Anyone can sit tight and fold their way to the bubble. The real money is won by players who know when to push all-in and when to fold during the high pressure late stages.

SitNGo Wizard is capable of analyzing your play in a variety of situations. You can find out the right play if there are limpers in front of you, if other people have pushed all-in and much more. Similar SNG programs can only calculate one-on-one situations.

In addition to analyzing past plays, SNG Wiz also has a quiz mode in which you can test your skills. The quiz mode sets up what-if scenarios and asks you to make the correct play. The program will then grade your performance so you can track your improvement.

This might all sound a little mechanical but that’s how the late stages of an SNG play. The final phases of SNGs aren’t as subject to table image and psychology factors. The end game of SNGs is mostly mechanical. The correct play in many end-game situations can be determined by math. In the end, the players who know when to push and fold are the biggest winners.

Advantages of SitNGo Wizard:

Now we will list some advantages of SitNGo Wizard:

1. SNG Wiz will drastically improve your game

This one advantage outshines any other disadvantage. SNG Wiz will teach you how to play a nearly perfect SNG end game. You’ll know exactly which situations call for pushes and which ones call for folds. You’ll also know when you should call other players’ pushes.

2. SNG Wiz is packed full of features

You can use SNG Wiz to analyze your past play, to take quizzes and to view detailed graphs that explain everything in an easy-to-understand format. The detailed user manual and help videos make sure that you won’t have any problems getting started.

There is also a future game simulator that takes into account small stack sizes and their likelihood to bust soon. That is important because every time an opponent busts , you move up in the money. As a result, you will want to play slightly tighter when an opponent is about to bust. The future game simulator takes that into account.

Disadvantages of SitNGo Wizard:

Now we will list some disadvantages of SitNGo Wizard:

1. SNG Wiz costs $99

This program costs quite a bit – especially for the players who need it the most. Even so, SNG Wiz is worth the investment because of the money it will help you win. SNG Wiz will pay for itself many times over. You can decide for yourself with a free 30 day trial at the SNG Wiz website.

Final Verdict

If it’s not yet clear, we strongly recommend this program for all serious SNG players. SNG Wiz is an incredibly valuable learning tool. Yes, it is fairly expensive but if you think about all the money you risk playing SNGs every month, SNG Wiz is just a drop in the bucket. If you use this program and continue playing, you will see a dramatic improvement in your long term win rate and your sit and go strategy.


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