PokerAce HUD Review

PokerAce HUDNote – PokerTracker 3 already has PokerAce HUD built-in. There is no need to purchase PokerAce HUD if you own PokerTracker 3. The standalone version of PokerAce HUD was created for PokerTracker 2. Some players still use the old version of so PokerAce HUD is kept up to date for those players.

PokerAce HUD is an add-on program that was developed to go along with PokerTracker 2. When PokerTracker 2 was first released, there was no heads-up display like there is in the newest version of PokerTracker. At that time, the players could only use PokerTracker for detailed statistics analysis after hours.

At some point, somebody decided it would be cool to have real time stats displayed right at the poker tables. That person then created PokerAce HUD and started selling it as an add-on program for $25 a pop. Poker players loved the program and it became extremely popular.

How PokerAce HUD Works

PokerAce HUD automatically detects open poker tables and recognizes the names of each player at the table. It then accesses the PokerTracker database and displays the important statistics of each player on your tables. If you don’t yet have statistics on a particular player, PokerAce HUD just displays statistics as you get them.

A couple of the most popular statistics are displayed above each player’s head at the table in a small box. You can then click on that box for an expanded view that fully lists that player’s statistics.

The most popular statistics are the ones that show what percentage of hands each player plays and what percentage of hands each player raises with. Those two stats give you a pretty good idea of how tight each player is and how likely each player is to be fishy.

The program also lists general table statistics such as the average pot size, how many hands are being played, and how many are being raised. This information is useful for finding soft tables and keeping track of how soft your table is. If those stats start to look bad, you’ll know right away that it’s time to find a new table.

Final Verdict

PokerAce HUD is extremely useful if you still use PokerTracker 2. The live statistics make your job at the tables ten times easier. You can instantly tell how aggressive any one player or table is. If a player suddenly throws a big bet in your face, a quick check on that player’s statistics will give you an idea of how aggressive that player is and if that player is capable of making large bluffs.

If you use PokerTracker 3 (which is the newest version), PokerAce HUD is not necessary. It comes built in with the latest version of PokerTracker. You should really upgrade to PokerTracker 3 if you are still using PokerTracker 2.

Purchase PokerAce HUD

PokerAce HUD can be purchased at the PokerTracker website for $25. But remember - you should only purchase PokerAce if you use PokerTracker 2. The newest version of PokerTracker already has PokerAce HUD included.


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