Poker Office Review

Poker Office LogoPoker Office is poker statistics program that competes directly with PokerTracker. The purpose of the software is to track your hand histories and generate detailed statistics about your play and the play of your opponents. Poker Office can also display those stats live on your poker tables so you can keep track of the playing styles of your opponents.

The early editions of Poker Office were rather limited on features but after several upgrades, Poker Office just might be the most feature-rich program on the market. There is almost no limit to the types of statistics and amount of information you can pull from Poker Office.

Despite its wide array of options and tools, the Poker Office interface is simple and easy to understand. The intuitive design makes it easy to get started without having to resort to complicated instruction manuals. Considering how powerful this program is, that’s actually an impressive accomplishment.

Poker Office Statistics

Using your hand histories to gather information, Poker Office is able to generate an impressive array of playing statistics. These stats can tell you everything you could want to know about your game. For example, here are just a few examples of the types of statistics provided by Poker Office:

  • Percentage of hands played
  • Percentage of hands raised
  • Percentage of turns seen
  • Percentage of rivers seen
  • Win rate
  • Percentage of blinds defended
  • Blind steal attempts

These stats are all available for both your own play and for every opponent you play against. Poker Office collects all these stats by automatically storing your hand histories and analyzing them for you.

When reviewing your stats, you can use a large variety of filters and graphs to help you analyze every angle of your game. You can find out how profitably you play flush draws on the turn, top pair on the flop and much more. These statistics can all be graphed so you can visualize your results in all situations. This is definitely a powerful program.

Poker Office Odds Calculator

Poker Office also comes with a built-in odds calculator that figures your pot odds and drawing odds in real time and displays them on the table. The odds calculator can tell you what odds you have, what the best possible hand is and then break those odds down so you can see your odds individually on the flop and turn.

Real Time Heads-Up Display

The Poker Office HUD displays the stats of all your opponents in real time at the table. The stats are collected from your database of hands played against each opponent. You won’t always have stats on every opponent, but as you play, those stats are updated and added to each opponent’s name.

You will want to note the sample size of the hands logged against each player. Against regulars, you’ll have reliable statistics because you will have lots of hands logged against those players. Against people with whom you have little history, their stats aren’t as reliable due to the smaller sample size.

Poker Office Hand Replayer

The hand replayer is a handy feature that plays old hands as if you were watching them unfold right before you all over again. I never found much use in hand replayers but this one actually has some value because it comes with so many filters and options.

For example, if you want to analyze your play with top pair on the flop, you can set a filter and have the hand replayer replay every hand where you started out with a pair on the flop. You can then watch this all as one session so you can analyze your play and look for patterns and areas that need improvement.

Final Verdict

Poker Office is a very useful poker tool and it will definitely help you improve your game. It’s a little pricier than PokerTracker but it is easier to set up and easier to understand. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for PokerTracker but this program does everything just as well. If you would like a program that is easier to get started with and don’t mind paying a premium for the simplicity, Poker Office is the program for you.

Purchase Poker Office

There are a few ways you can get your hands on Poker Office:

Credit Card/PayPal

Poker Office costs $99.00 per year. You can pay via credit card, PayPal, phone or fax.

Get Poker Office Free

You can get Poker Office free for a year by signing up at one of the recommended sites (such as PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker) at Poker Office, making a deposit and playing the required number of hands. You will then receive a free registration code that works for a year. You can get more details at the Poker Office website.

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