Professional Online Tournament Players

Online Poker PlayersOnline poker has seen a huge increase in popularity since 2003, when Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP Main Event after qualifying for the tournament at Nowadays there are millions of poker players who participate in online poker tournaments every month.

The advantages of playing online poker tournaments include the convenience (you never even have to leave your house), the volume (there are hundreds of online poker tournaments every day), and the stakes (you can play freerolls all the way up to $25,000 buy-in tournaments).

This page links to biographies of all the best online poker players. Each bio discusses how the pro got involved in poker, and lists their biggest wins. Also, we have listed each online pro's screen name at each major poker site, so you can quickly find them online.

Online Poker Tournament Pros

Here are some of the best online poker tournament players who are at final tables every night:

  • Dipthrong - Also known as Mark Hern, has been dominating the online tournament game.
  • AJKHoosier1 - Also known as Alex Kamberis, has been the #1 ranked online tournament player.
  • JJProdigy - Also known as Josh Fields, one of the most controversial players ever.
  • JohnnyBax - Also known as Cliff Josephy, considered the Godfather of online poker.
  • Moorman1 - Also known as Chris Moorman, has won the PocketFive's Triple Crown.
  • Pearljammer - Also known as Jon Turner, a good online player who dabbles in live MTTs as well.
  • Rizen - Also known as Eric Lynch, an online player who also has success at the WSOP.
  • Sn8wman - Also known as Brian Hawkings, a winning online player on Full Tilt and PokerStars.
  • Shaundeeb - Also known as Shaun Deeb, a young online player who crushes MTTs.

The best online tournament players all have something in common: the ability and focus to put in ridiculous hours and play over a dozen tournaments at once. The best players often play over twenty tournaments at the same time, and are able to stay calm even when five tables pop up at once. By putting in such a large volume they are able to reach many final tables, where they use their superior skills to dominate their opponents.

Also, a lot of online poker professionals train their friends and teach them how to play, then stake them in tournaments and take 50% of the winnings. This allows the pro to build a residual income and reduce his/her hours.

Make sure to check back often, as we will be adding further online tournament player biographies soon. If you would like to be listed on this page, please contact us with your biography.

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