Beating Tight Players at the End of a SNG

Once you reach the late stages of a sit and go, the strategy changes immensely. Whereas before you wanted to stay tight and survive until the later stages, at this point you want to open it up to build chips and knock players out. This is especially true when you have passive players at your table. This video will teach you how to play during the late stages, and how to take advantage of weak/tight players once you reach the end of the sit and go.

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Key Points for the End of the Sit and Go:

Here are some tips to help you remember the main points of this sit and go video. If you can remember the concepts below, you'll be in good shape.

#1 - Play Tight Aggressive

Like I've mentioned in all my previous sit and go videos, the best style of play to use is the tight aggressive method. Even though the video starts with four players, I still stayed fairly tight until I got into the money. For example, I folded KJ under the gun because the big blind had a huge stack. That's a perfect example of saving money, because if he re-raises me I'm obviously folding.

#2 - Put Small Stacks to the Test

One great way to build a stack is by taking advantage of the short stacks. This is especially true on the bubble, as both short stacks in this video were trying to slide into the money. Often times when I was the big blind I'd make raises to force them to a decision for all their chips. This helped me win a bunch of pots to pad my stack.

#3 - Pound the Blinds

About half way through the video I started getting slightly short stacked, so I had to open up a little to pad my stack and survive. I made preflop raises with A10 off-suit and actually shoved all-in with Q10 of spades because the player on my left was extremely tight and was always folding. These small pots allowed me to build my stack and recover from the short stack.

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