"In the Money" SNG Strategy

The end of a sit and go is where the sharks take over, and the fish flounder. Everyone knows that only the final three players get paid, but few people realize that first place is worth so much more than second place. This video will teach you how to consistently win sit and go's once you reach the money. Make sure to check out the additional tips below the video, so you really learn how to crush the other players once you're in the money.

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Key Points for the End Game of a SNG:

Here are the key points you should take away from the above video, plus some extra tips that should help guide you to a first place finish.

#1 - Use Your Notes

You'll notice that I used reads I made earlier in the sit and go to help me in this video. I'd like to stress again how important note taking is in sit and go's. There were a few spots in this sit and go where I was able to make an easy decision because of observations I had made previously.

#2 - Use the Continuation Bet

Early in the video I had Ace-Nine off-suit, raised it in the small blind, and had to see the flop. The flop came down Ace-rag-rag, and I fired out a pot sized bet. You have to stay aggressive during the late stages of a sit and go, and when you raise it preflop its important to continuation bet the flop (as long as it's not too scary).

#3 - Pay Attention to Blinds and Antes

This sit and go got heads up really quickly, and blinds were still only 100/200. Most players automatically loosen up when you get heads up, but you really should be looking at the blinds, not the number of players remaining. In this case, I was able to stay tight because the blinds were still low, and it helped me get a feel for my opponent before I had to open it up.

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