Using Sharkscope to Beat Sit and Go's

This video discusses the opening stages of a sit and go, and how you can use to your advantage as a sit and go player. It's useful to have as much info as possible about each player at your table, and Sharkscope is a free tool that can aid you when profiling opponents in your sit and go.

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Key Points of this SNG Video:

There was a lot of information in this video, so we broke it down into a few key points to remember.

#1 - Stat Tracking is Huge

Keeping track of statistics is extremely important for managing your bankroll, maximizing your ROI (return on investment), and maximizing your hourly profit. ROI and hourly profit are the most important stats when it comes to a player's overall profit. Also, by tracking all your games you are more accountable for each session, so you're less likely to have a bad session because you know it'll be in the books.

Remember that you can track your stats manually with a pen and paper or with Microsoft Excel, or automatically with tracking software such as Sharkscope. Also, make sure to use Sharkscope to check out your opponents' overall profits and playing tendencies.

#2 - Limit Your Preflop Range

It's always important to stay tight right at the start of the sit and go, because you can get in some really tricky situations. Right at the start I folded K10 in an unopened pot, and the reason I did that was because although K10 can make top pair, it is most likely going to be dominated by a hand like AK or KQ. If a King flops I'm in huge trouble, because I would think my hand was strong, when in fact I was way behind.

#3 - Calculate Your Odds

The hand where I got knocked out (set over set with 66 vs. 99) I made sure to calculate my implied odds before calling his re-raise. Always remember to use math to make your tough decisions, because math is never wrong.

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