Playing the Late Stages of a Sit and Go

The most important stage of a sit and go is the late stages, because this stage determines who makes the most money, and who goes home with little or nothing. It's important to have a solid strategy to tackle the late stages, and this video will teach you the proper steps to making the money and going for that first place finish. Make sure to review the key points below the video after watching, so you retain all the info we've presented.

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Key Points for the Late Stages of SNG's:

Although there was a lot of information in the above video, we've condensed most of it into these key points. Make sure to read through these after the video so you know what were the most important parts.

#1 - Stack Size Matters

I was to the right of a big stack at the start of the sit and go, and had to fold my A10 because he raised it up after I limped in. If you have a big stack on your left, you need to be more careful raising and betting because it is likely he/she will look you up simply because they have the stack to do it. Also, you should be wary of short stack all-ins, and not give them much credit because they are likely very desperate and don't have a solid hand.

#2 - Table Image

At the start of the video I made some weak folds and calls that some players might disagree with. However, the reason I did this was to control my chips, and to set up a weak/passive table image that worked to my advantage later on in the sit and go. If other players think you're always folding, they'll give you credit for a hand when you steal their blinds later on in the sit and go.

#3 - Heads Up Adjustments

Once you get heads up, it's important to analyze your opponent so you can put together a decent game plan. In this video, our heads up opponent was fairly normal, so we amped up the aggression to put the pressure on him. Although I ended up with the short end of the stick, I still feel like I had a solid approach, and just ran into a few tough hands.

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