Omaha Poker Strategy Guide

Omaha Poker has seen a boom during the past year, mainly due to its massive increase in online popularity. Both the High and High/Low versions of Omaha attract tons of online players, most likely because both games reward aggressive, fast paced play. Omaha differs from Hold'em as each player receives four hole cards, and each player has to use two of the hole cards. That rule differences causes a ton of changes in proper strategy, and the below articles will help you master the proper Omaha poker strategy. Read all of the Omaha articles to get the best possible info, and make sure to check back soon as we'll be adding more strategy shortly:

Omaha Poker Articles:

Here are all of our Omaha poker strategy articles:

Why You Should Be Playing Omaha

Omaha poker is the most profitable online poker game, provided that you are a skilled Omaha player. The reason for this is that so many Texas Hold'em players try to play Omaha without really knowing the game, so the average Omaha player is much worse than the average Texas Hold'em player. If I had to choose one poker game to be extremely skilled at, it would definitely be Omaha poker.

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