Best Poker Sites for Badugi

Badugi is a lesser-known poker game that has gained a little popularity in the past few months, mainly due to PokerStars listing the game as "Coming Soon" for an extended period of time. Now, PokerStars offers the game for both play and real money wagering, and a few other poker sites have added Badugi to their lineup as well. The rest of this page will list the best Badugi poker sites, and explain a little more about the game.

Badugi Rules

The rules of Badugi are far different than the rules of Texas Hold'em or even Omaha poker. It is a draw type game, but the showdown is unique in the poker world. Before you start playing Badugi you need to learn the rules, or you will get eaten alive. Make sure to learn the Badugi poker rules before playing the game for real money.

Badugi Strategy

If you are a Badugi player looking to improve your game, you will need to learn proper strategy. We don't currently offer a section for Badugi in our poker strategy area, but we plan to add one soon. However, if you would like a quick tip for playing better Badugi, make sure to avoid chasing long shots to the third draw, and don't call down bets on the end just because you think you have to. If you missed your hand, throw it away and save the money.

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