Best Poker Sites for Deuce to Seven Draw

Deuce to Seven Draw is a variant of Five Card Draw, and is basically the same game with a different version of hand rankings used for showdowns. It has seen an increase in popularity recently, and more and more players are deciding to try the game out. However, the 2-7 Draw isn't at the same level of popularity as Texas Hold'em or Omaha, so it hasn't caught on at the live casinos yet. A few online poker rooms have added the game, and we've rated each one based on their 2-7 single draw and triple draw games. Here is our toplist of best deuce to seven poker rooms:

Deuce to Seven Draw Poker

Deuce to seven is a unique poker game because it actually uses different hand rankings then traditional poker games. Instead of the high cards being best, players seek low cards in 2-7 Draw games. Also, straights and flushes are bad, and make your hand worse than five random cards. In triple draw, each player is dealt five cards and there are three drawing rounds, and in single draw there is only one draw. Here are the special hand rankings in 2-7 Poker:

Hand Rank: Hand: Example Hand:
#1 7-Low 7-5-4-3-2 Off Suit
#2 8-Low 8-7-5-4-3 Off Suit
#3 9-Low 9-5-4-3-2 Off Suit
#4 Ten-Low T-9-7-4-2 Off Suit
#5 Jack-Low J-8-7-4-2 Off Suit
#6 Queen-Low Q-8-6-5-3 Off Suit
#7 King-Low K-J-8-3-2 Off Suit
#8 Ace-Low A-K-8-7-4 Off Suit
#9 Pair K-K-5-4-3
#10 Two Pair 8-8-5-5-3
#11 Three of a Kind J-J-J-4-3
#12 Straight J-T-9-8-7 Off Suit
#13 Flush 2-5-6-9-T Suited
#14 Full House 8-8-8-3-3
#15 Four of a Kind J-J-J-J-2
#16 Straight Flush 2-3-4-5-6 Suited

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Online 2-7 Triple Draw

Deuce to Seven Triple Draw has a special place in the online poker world. The game has seen a big boom in popularity in the past year, and quite a few players at PokerStars and Carbon Poker have tried out the Deuce to Seven Draw tables. The reason smart poker players like playing 2-7 Draw is because the Deuce to Seven tables are so soft.

Quite a few Texas Hold'em players hit the 2-7 Triple Draw tables to try them out, and as you can imagine Texas Hold'em players aren't the best 2-7 Draw players. Because of this the games are very easy to beat, and any player with half an education in 2-7 poker can make a killing at these tables.

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