Poker Sites Accepting MoneyGram

Remember back in the day, way before anybody had even heard of the internet? You’d rise early on a Sunday morning, head over to the local convenience store, and use the payphone to call distant relatives in far away lands. You’d catch up with grandma and brother Tommy, and then send them some money via a brick-and-mortar money order service (like MoneyGram).

Although those days may be behind us, money order services are still very popular. You can even use some, MoneyGram included, to deposit into your online poker accounts. MoneyGram funding is available to players at the following MoneyGram poker sites:

By choosing any of the MoneyGram poker sites listed above, you are assured of easy MoneyGram poker deposits and fast customer support teams. If you are ready to play, choose a MoneyGram poker site from above and sign up. If not, read on to learn more about MoneyGram poker deposits.

What Is MoneyGram?

It’s an international money order service, like Western Union. MoneyGram allows you to send money person-to-person across borders for a nominal fee. You can pay for a MoneyGram transfer using a variety of methods; the most popular in a given region are always accepted at MoneyGram outlets.

How Does MoneyGram Work?

You might find it weird that in order to deposit on a poker site using MoneyGram, you’ve got to contact the poker site first. Here’s the deal. Since MoneyGram is a person-to-person money transfer method, you always need the name of the receiving party before you send cash anywhere. The receiver’s name will never be the name of the poker site; in fact, most poker sites will ask you NOT to mention their company name at the MoneyGram kiosk.

Despite this little complication, it’s not hard to do. Following these steps will set you on the right path:

  1. Sign up for an account at your favorite poker site before you do anything. We recommend one of the MoneyGram poker sites we’ve listed above; they’re three of the best you’ll find anywhere online, and they all are confirmed to accept MoneyGram deposits.
  2. Contact your poker site through e-mail, chat, or on the telephone; inform them that you want to deposit using MoneyGram, and request further information.
  3. The poker site will send you receiver information, which is where you’ll need to send the money. This will NOT be a name related in any way to the poker site, but don’t be worried about that; there are reasons for it.
  4. Head to your local MoneyGram agent. There are hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide, mostly in convenience stores and supermarkets.
  5. Fill out some forms and send your deposit to the receiver address your poker site gave you. There will be a nominal $9.95 fee, regardless of your transaction amount.

Contact your poker site once you’ve sent the transfer. Give them the transaction reference number. They’ll process the information, and you’ll have the money in your account very quickly!

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