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Ladbrokes offers three different versions of their poker software. To play at the Ladbrokes poker room, you need to choose between one of the three software options (2D, 3D, or Flash). The 2D poker room is a downloadable program for Windows users, and is the most commonly used option. The 3D poker room is also a Windows download, but is more resource intensive because the graphics are in 3D. The flash poker room is a no-download option, so both Mac and Windows players can enjoy the Ladbrokes poker software, but the graphics aren't as good.

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Ladbrokes Download Options

Ladbrokes offers three options for potential poker players. First, they have a no download poker site that is perfect for Mac players or PC players who would prefer not to download the program. Second, they have a downloadable normal 2D poker room that is PC compatible. And third, they have a downloadable 3D poker room that is PC compatible. Read the below section to find instructions for each program.

Ladbrokes Download Process

Like I mentioned before, there are three options for playing at the poker room. We'll go over each now:

» 2D Poker Download

The first and most commonly used option is to download the 2D poker room for PC's. To start the download, click this link. That will launch a file download - a window will pop up asking you if you'd like to download "download_Setup_LadbrokesPoker.exe". Click Save to start the download.

Once the download is complete, locate the file on your computer. If you can't find it, make sure to check your desktop and recent downloads to locate it. Once you've found it, double click it to start the installation. You'll complete the software installation by clicking Next until it is done.

Now, open up the Ladbrokes poker software by double clicking the icon on your computer. You'll need to make your player account, which requires you to enter personal info such as your name, address, age, and email address. Once that is done, you're all set to start playing play money games. If you'd like to play for real money, you'll have to make a deposit with any of the approved deposit options.

» 3D Poker Download

The second option for playing at is by downloading the 3D poker room. To download the 3D poker room, click this link. That will lead you to the site. From there, click the green Download 3D Poker button. This will launch the download of the poker site. Click Save to start the download.

Once the download has completed, find the file on your computer and double click it. If you can't find the file, make sure to check your recent downloads folder or your desktop to locate it. Once you've found and double clicked it, the installation will begin. To complete the installation, keep clicking Next until everything is done.

Now, you can open up the Ladbrokes 3D poker room. Your next step is to click New Account to make your player account. Fill in the appropriate information and click Submit. Now you're good to go at the play money tables - if you want to play real money poker, you'll have to make a deposit using one of the approved deposit options at

» Flash Poker Room

To play at the flash poker room, all you have to do is visit then click Play Now under the Instant Play Poker box (located on the bottom left of the page). From there, the Ladbrokes flash poker room will pop up, and you can make your account and start playing. Overview: is one of the premier poker rooms targeted towards UK players. They accept most European players, but do not accept USA players at this time. To learn more about the site, read our full Ladbrokes poker review. Also, learn about redeeming a $1,000 Ladbrokes poker bonus.