Poker Bonus

Sign up at the poker room through the links on this page to receive a 100% up to $1,000 match bonus on your first deposit. We've partnered with to offer this bonus to our visitors who are interested in their poker site. To get started, click the bonus link in the blue box below, and follow the instructions listed below. We also explain how to clear the deposit bonus.

Visit for the $1,000 Bonus

Click the bonus link above to head over to By using the link, your Ladbrokes poker bonus will automatically be tracked to your account when you sign up and deposit at the Ladbrokes poker room.

More Details on the Ladbrokes Poker Bonus

The bonus is a 100% match up to $1,000, and is based on the assumption that you're going to play a certain number of raked hands within your first 30 days after depositing. To clear the bonus, you have to play the following amount of raked hands for each bonus amount:

Ladbrokes Poker Bonus

The Ladbrokes bonus is a little strange, because if you deposit any amount besides the amounts listed above, it's actually less than a 100% bonus. For example, if you deposit $600, you're still only eligible for the $500 bonus. We recommend choosing either $1,000 for your first deposit, or one of the other amounts listed above for the best value.

If you do deposit an amount different than the five amounts above, remember that you can still redeem the next lowest bonus, and will only have to play the number of raked hands specified for that bonus. For example, if you deposit $750, you can earn a $500 bonus by playing 5,500 raked hands within 30 days of your first deposit.

What is a Raked Hand?

For the Ladbrokes poker bonus, a raked hand is any hand you play at a ring game that has rake taken out of the pot. Even if you don't see the flop or go to a showdown, you'll still earn one raked hand as long as you were dealt into the hand, and rake was taken. For example, if you are dealt into a hand and fold preflop, and rake is taken at the end of the hand, you still receive one raked hand toward your bonus.

Other Details

Here are a few other important points about the poker bonus:

  • You have to earn the set number of raked hands for your specific bonus within 30 days of depositing.
  • Tournament and sit and go fees do not count towards clearing this bonus.
  • Once you've cleared the bonus, you have to claim it to receive it. To do that, head over to and click "$1,000 Welcome Bonus", then scroll down the page to see the form.
  • To check how many raked hands you've accumulated, open up the Ladbrokes poker software, click Menu, then My Account, then Raked Hands Checker. Learn more at our Ladbrokes poker review or our Ladbrokes download guide.