Instant Play Poker Sites (No Download Required)

No download poker sites are convenient for players who aren't playing on Windows-based computers, or players who don't want to download poker programs. No download poker rooms are flash versions of the room that have the same features and similar graphics, but don't require a download of the actual software. All you need is Adobe Flash player, which is a piece of software that most computers already have, and is available for free at

All poker sites offer standard download-able software that works great for PC users who don't mind downloading another program. However, if a player is on a Mac computer, or for some reason doesn't want poker software on their computer, the only way they can play is if the poker site offers a no download poker client, also known as a flash poker room. These poker rooms allow you to play for real money right in your Internet browser, and you don't need to download anything (other than a flash player if you don't have one).

Not all poker sites offer an Instant Play option, so we have ranked and reviewed the best flash poker sites:


What Do I Need to Play Instantly?

As we mentioned before, the only thing you will need is a computer with an Internet connection, an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, and Adobe Flash Player. Most computers ship with Adobe Flash Player installed, but if you don't have it, you can download an up to date version at

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