Poker Sites with the Best Rewards Programs

Back when online poker was a new business, players just wanted to find a poker room that they could trust not to steal their money. However, since those days a lot of things have changed, and now all of the major online poker rooms are at a similar level when it comes to support, integrity, and customer service. What really separates online poker rooms nowadays is their poker software and their VIP programs.

Besides poker rakeback, which only a few rooms offer, many poker sites offer VIP programs that reward players for consistent play with comps and rewards. One of the best sites in the business when it comes to keeping loyal players around is Carbon Poker. They recently instituted a VIP Club that has six levels. As you play more and more, you earn a higher and higher level, which leads to more perks. Here are the best poker rewards programs in the industry:

Poker Bonuses

It is important to note that besides just the VIP programs and rewards, players can also receive sign up bonuses when they make their first deposit at a poker site. These bonuses are usually in the form of 100% matches, and give players a dollar in bonus money for every dollar they deposit. Almost every poker bonus is maxed out at $500-$1,000, although there are a few bigger poker bonuses available.

Typical Poker Player Rewards

If you play at Cake Poker, or any other poker site that offers an in-house rewards program, you'll usually find the same type of perks. Here are some of the most common online poker rewards:

  • Poker Strategy Books
  • Branded Poker Clothing and Accessories
  • TV's, DVD's, iPods, and other Electronics
  • Gift Certificates
  • Tournament Entry and Satellite Tickets
  • Cars, Vacations, and Concierge Services (for the high limit, high volume player)

Besides rewards programs, some sites offer a rakeback percentage to their players. Many sites, like PKR, handle the rakeback in house, but other sites, like Full Tilt, require you to go through a third party affiliate. Here at we don't deal with rakeback yet, but we plan to add a section soon.

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