How to Play Mixed Poker Games

As poker grows older, more and more people decide to try new poker variants. As a result, mixed games have become more and more popular over the years. At these tables, a mixture of poker games is played in rotation. It gives the players a chance to play different types of poker without switching tables and searching for new games.

Not every player enjoys the same games, of course, so there are several types of mixed poker games out there. Each type is named after the games it contains - HO, for example, switches between Texas Hold'em and Omaha.

Mixed games present new challenges because they force players to constantly adjust. Not only do players need to know how to play each game, but they also need to keep track of how their opponents play each game. Players may take different approaches to different games, so it’s like having to keep track of twice as many players.

The good thing about mixed poker games is that there are usually soft spots at every table. Many people like to join mixed games even though they may only be skilled at one or two of the games. If you have all the games in a mixed game down pat, you’ll be able to make good money off the people who don’t know every game.

One of the most popular mixed format games is HORSE Poker, but we’ve already covered that game in its own section. HORSE and the rest of the mixed games listed below can be found online and at casinos around the world.

Mixed Game Rotation

When determining how often the games change in a mixed game, poker rooms use one of several methods. They may either change the game after every X minutes or they may change the game after every X number of hands. Some poker rooms switch the game every time the dealer’s button makes one complete orbit around the table.

Types of Mixed Games

Now we will discuss some of the most common types of mixed poker games:

HO – Fixed Limit Hold'em and Omaha

This is a popular poker variant because Omaha is normally the first game people learn after Texas Hold'em. These two games are so similar that learning one is simple once you’ve learned the other.

HA – Pot Limit Hold'em and Omaha

This game is the same as HO except it is pot limit instead of fixed limit. HA is one of the more popular types of mixed games because many people play no limit Hold'em and are familiar with pot limit Omaha. This is always a good mixed game format to start with if you’re new to mixed games.

HOE – Fixed Limit Hold'em, Omaha and Seven Card Stud Eight or Better

This game is the same as HO except Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo is added to the mix. This game is good for intermediate players who are learning new poker variants but don’t yet have them all down. When learning to play mixed games, it is a smart idea to add one game to your repertoire at a time.

OA – Pot Limit Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo

Omaha specialists are particularly fond of this mixed game. The game switches between pot limit Omaha and pot limit Omaha Hi-Lo. This mixed game format is a great way to practice your all around Omaha game.

OE – Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo and Seven Card Stud Eight or Better

Omaha Hi-Lo and Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo are two of the most difficult poker variants out there. You will want to make sure you have both games down very well before you venture into OE games.


HEROS is nearly identical to HORSE except for the order in which the games are played. The lineup includes the following games:

  • H – Texas Hold'em
  • E – Seven Card Stud Eight or Better
  • R – Razz
  • O – Omaha Hi-Lo
  • S – Seven Card Stud

There’s no consensus as to why the order of HORSE poker was changed to HEROS. A common theory is that people just prefer the order of transition in HEROS - another theory is that HEROS sounds cooler than HORSE.

Where to Play Mixed Poker Games?

Many of the biggest poker sites offer mixed poker games, but if you want to play at the best poker site with mixed games, make sure to check out Full Tilt Poker. They are the best mixed game poker site.

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