Ignition Poker Bonus

(Please Note - Ignition does not accept USA players. US players can play at Bodog's sister site Ignition Poker.)

Ignition has been online for fifteen years, and is celebrating with a limited time 110% up to $1,100 sign up bonus for all new depositors. This bonus is actually composed of two parts: a 10% up to $100 instant bonus, and a 100% up to $1,000 normal bonus. To redeem the Bodog poker bonus and start playing, visit www.Ignition.

Visit Ignition for the $1,100 Bonus

Click the link above to head over to the Ignition poker room. From there, make an account and make a deposit to receive our Bodog Poker bonus. Details on clearing the bonus are explained below.

More Details on the Bodog Poker Bonus

The Bodog bonus has two parts - a 10% instant bonus up to $100, and a 100% bonus up to $1,000. As soon as you deposit you'll see a 10% up to $100 bonus show up in your cashier, and a 100% bonus up to $1,000 show up in your bonus account. You have to clear both bonuses before cashing out, but the difference is that you can play with the 10% up to $100 bonus, and the 100% up to $1,000 bonus is locked away until you clear it.

How to Clear the Poker Bonus

To clear both bonuses you have to earn Poker Points. For the 10% up to $100 bonus, you have to earn three poker points per dollar before you can cash it out. For the 100% up to $1,000 bonus, you have to earn ten poker point per dollar before you can wager it/cash it out. Also, the 100% bonus expires after 60 days. At the end of 60 days, if you haven't cleared the entire bonus you'll receive the amount of money you have cleared, and the rest will expire. To make this clear we'll show an example:

Say Mike deposits $1,000 at the Bodog poker room. As soon as he deposits, an extra $100 will show up in his account, leaving him with a $1,100 bankroll. Also, $1,000 will show up in his pending bonus account, but he won't be able to wager it until he clears it.

Mike starts playing with the $1,100 and quickly earns 300 poker points. Since he had a $100 instant bonus, he has now cleared it for withdrawal ($100 bonus x 3 points/dollar = 300 total points). If Mike wished he could quit and withdraw his bankroll plus the 10% bonus right now.

However, Mike decides to keep playing, and earns another 9,700 poker points (bringing his total to 10,000 poker points) within 60 days of his initial deposit. Now he's released the additional $1,000 bonus. Mike can now wager or cash the whole thing out - it's his money now.

Also, note that you can withdraw your deposit money at ANY time - only the bonus money has restrictions.

How to Earn Bodog Poker Points

Now that you know how to clear your Bodog bonus, we'll teach you how to earn poker points at the Bodog poker room. There are basically four ways to earn poker points - by playing real money cash tables, by playing real money tournaments, by playing real money sit and go's, and by playing for certain time increments. We'll explain each now:

» Poker Points at Cash Games

The first way to earn poker points is by playing real money ring tables. The amount of poker points you earn per hand is based on how much rake is collected. Here's a table showing you how it all works:

Bodog Poker Points

It's important to note that regardless of how far you go in the hand, as long as you were dealt in and the pot was raked, you'll receive points. Even if you fold preflop, as long as rake is taken from the pot you'll get your points.

» Poker Points in Tournaments and Sit and Go's

Another way to earn poker points is by playing real money tournaments and sit and go's. For every dollar you pay in tournament fees, you'll receive three poker points. So, if you enter a $10+$1 tournament, you'll earn three points. Or, if you enter a $50+$5 sit and go, you'll earn 15 poker points.

» Poker Points by Time

The final way to earn poker points is by playing for set time increments. Every hour that you play real money poker at Bodog will earn you an extra poker points. Learn more about the Bodog Poker software.

Bodog is also offering a limited time promotion - if you happen to earn 2,000 poker points in one month, Bodog will give you an additional 2,000 points at the end of the month. These bonus points count towards clearing bonuses, so that really speeds things up.

Other Details:

Here are a few other things to note about the Bodog poker bonus:

  • The bonus expires after 60 days. If you haven't cleared the entire bonus by then, you'll receive the amount you HAVE cleared, and the rest will expire.
  • Bodog is open to USA players, so everyone is able to redeem this bonus. Learn more at our Bodog Poker review.
  • Bodog offers separate bonuses for sportsbook/casino players - visit the Ignition site to learn more.