Poker Bonus

Only Poker offers a 110% up to $600 bonus to all players who sign up through the link below and make their first deposit. This Only Poker bonus is exclusive to players, so make sure you use the exclusive bonus link below to ensure the bonus is tagged to your account. To redeem the bonus, sign up through the link below and make a deposit. After that, the bonus will show up in your player account. To learn how to clear the Only Poker deposit bonus, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Visit for the 110% up to $600 Bonus

More Info on the Only Poker Bonus

Only Poker BonusAfter you sign up at Only Poker and make your first deposit, you will notice that your bonus money is listed in the cashier section of the poker client in the ‘pending bonus section’. That means you must earn enough points for your bonus money to be released into your cash account by wagering your deposit money at Only Poker. By wagering real money you will earn frequent player points, which in turn release your bonus money.

Only Poker uses a frequent player point system to measure the rate at which a player clears the bonus. Each frequent player point, or FPP, is worth $0.06, which means you must earn 16.7 FPPs for every bonus dollar. Bonus money is paid out in $10 increments, so you need to earn 167 FPPs to release each $10 increment.

How to Earn Only Poker FPPs

Only Poker FPPs can be earned either by playing at a cash table or buying into a tournament or Sit and Go game. Read on for the explanation of how to earn FPPs in cash games, sit and go's, and tournaments.

» Earning FPPs in Cash Games

The first way to earn Only Poker FPPs is by playing real money cash games. Every time the pot is raked, each player earns one FPP for each dollar of rake. As long as you were dealt into the hand, you receive points - it doesn't matter if you play your hand or fold preflop. So, if you were dealt into a hand that was raked $2, each player at the table would receive two FPPs.

Players can also earn fractional FPPs, so if a pot is raked $1.75, each player who was dealt into the hand earns 1.75 FPPs. The higher stakes you play, the faster you earn FPPs and clear the Only Poker bonus.

» Earning FPPs in Tournaments and Sit and Go's

The other way to earn FPPs at Only Poker is by playing real money tournaments and sit and go's. When you enter a tournament or sit and go at Only Poker, you pay a small tournament fee, which is how the poker site makes its money. Every dollar you pay in tournament fees is worth seven FPPs. So, if you enter a $20+$2 tournament, you would receive 14 FPPs ($2 tournament fee x 7 FPPs).

Remember, every $1 in rake at a cash game is worth 1 FPP, and every $1 in tournament fees is worth 7 FPPs:

Only Poker FPP Chart

Miscellaneous Info:

  • Players have 90 days from their first deposit to clear the bonus. After that, any remaining bonus money expires and disappears forever.
  • The bonus is 110% of your deposit, meaning that for every dollar you deposit, $1.10 will be put into your bonus account.
  • This page was updated on January 18, 2010 and as of that day; all information is valid and current.
  • This Only Poker bonus is only valid for your first deposit. Only Poker does offer reload bonuses to their loyal players. Learn more by reading our Only Poker review or our Only Poker download guide.

Quick Only Poker Facts:

  • Only Poker is a new online poker room established in 2009 and located in the Netherlands Antilles.
  • Only Poker is part of the Cake Poker Network, which has more than fifty online poker partner sites.
  • Only Poker accents all USA players and has plenty of quick deposit and cash out methods.